CJM Fuel Pump Hat


The CJ Motorsports billet fuel pump hat is a sturdy upgrade for the factory fuel pump module. Made from thin plastic, the factory hat is becoming a regular failure point for the 370z. Our hat is machined from aluminum (6061-T6) for greater rigidity and reliability. The factory original stainless rods, once removed from the original hat, are secured to our hat with stainless wedge set screws that capture a ledge to ensure they will never pull out.

The included CJM 6-position electrical bulkhead kit features internal and external disconnects, and comfortably supports 12AWG wiring. 10AWG fits, but it is a tedious fit. 15 terminals are supplied (3 extra). This hat also includes 1 ground pass-through that can be used if your project needs to save positions in the connectors. New stainless hardware to secure the hat to the fuel tank is supplied.

There are 3 6AN bulkhead openings for plumbing your fuel lines.

Compatibility and Fitment Information: This product is a stand-alone upgrade, adaptable to any 370z fuel system that still has the factory fuel pump module. Using our stock-type installation kit, this can be added to an otherwise entirely unmodified vehicle, one with a simple fuel pump upgrade, or one with the CJM Road Race Pump. Add it to return fuel system equipped vehicles with other available installation kits, or build your own custom installation.

Product Features:
  • Anodized 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum
  • Made in USA
  • Stainless Hardware
  • 6-Position Electrical Connector Kit & Ground Post
  • Improved Rigidity & Reliability
  • Larger Electrical Terminals


Installation Kit: Installation kits will include a package of fittings, washers, and convoluted PTFE in-tank hose with clamps. Our PTFE hoses will require a heat gun or hair-dryer for installation.
  • Stock Type: Intended for stock fuel systems, or vehicles with the standard CJM Road Race Pump kit. Included is a bulkhead fitting for the fuel output, and a PTFE hose to connect the bulkhead to the factory in-tank filter-housing output barb. A quick disconnect adapter for the bulkhead is included to make the factory feed line above the tank PnP.
  • CJM L1 Return: Intended for use with legacy CJM S1 and S1.S fuel systems that retain the factory in-tank filter, do not use an external filter, and the factory feed line is retained while a -6 return line is added. With this installation kit, a PTFE hose will connect the factory in-tank filter to the CJM bulkhead fitting. A QD adapter will connect this bulkhead to your factory fuel feed line. For the return, a new -6 bulkhead is supplied, and a 3/8" in-tank return plumbing upgrade is also supplied.
  • CJM L2 Return 8mm/10mm: Intended for use with return fuel system kits using the CJM Level 2 fuel pump mod kit and external filter, including CJM S1.E, S1.SE, and S2.SE fuel systems. Select 8mm for Walbro 255, Aeromotive 340 or any other fuel pump with an 8mm or 5/16" output. Select 10mm for Walbro 450/E85 pump. For the pressure side, a PTFE hose will connect the fuel pump to the CJM barbed bulkhead fitting. Your fuel system's -6 fuel pump output hose will connect directly to this bulkhead. For the return side, a 3/8" in-tank hose is supplied with a 3/8" barb upgrade for your regulator delete hardware. For use with return kits that use the factory feed as the return, a quick disconnect adapter is supplied for coupling the return bulkhead to the factory feed line.

Dual Spring Upgrade: Later 370z fuel pump modules added a second spring to equalize the downward force on the canister to reduce warping. Our billet top will not suffer from warping, but the dual springs still add rigidity to the installed assembly. With this option, 2 springs and stainless spring seats (washers) are included, and the factory spring is no longer used. If your module is already dual spring, this option is redundant.

Detailed Photos & Information:

(Stock Type Installation Kit)

(Stock Type Installation Kit Installed to Hat, Factory Stainless Rods Not Included)

(CJM L1 Return Type Installation Kit)

(CJM L2 Return Type Installation Kit)

(CJM L2 Return Type Installation Kit, Installed)