CJM Fuel Pump Install Kit, 370z

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This simple hardware kid provides you with everything you need to perform a basic fuel pump installation. After removing the stock fuel pump and its mount, apply our support foam to your new pump and insert it to the bore. The support foam will firmly hold the pump in place. Use a heat-gun or hair dryer to carefully warm the end collars of the PTFE hose and connect the fuel pump to the stock fuel filter inlet. The included fuel pump pickup is design to both support the bottom of the fuel pump without blocking the inlet, and will prevent harmful debris from entering the fuel pump.

Compatibility and Fitment Information: Walbro 255, Aeromotive 340, AEM 320, and similar pumps with 5/16 or 8mm hose barb. Not for use with Walbro 400 or 450 pumps which require external filters and heavy modification to the fuel pump housing.

Product Features:
  • OEM Style PTFE Fuel Line
  • Stainless Smooth Bolt Clamps
  • Fuel Pump Support Foam
  • Universal Fuel Pump Pickup