• CJM S1.SE Fuel System, 370z


    The CJM S1.SE system adds our billet aluminum fuel rails to the S1.E system. With this addition, 100% of the vehicle fuel supply plumbing has been replaced and upgraded with high performance hardware. Fuel supply from the pump exits the fuel pump module unimpeded via our Level 2 fuel pump modification kit, bypassing the factory filter and hoses. PTFE -6 hoses with black PCV coating over stainless-steel braid carry the fuel supply through a 10 micron high-flow external filter to the engine and fuel rails.

    (Shown with options: Pressure Gauge, New FPDs & O-Rings)

    This comprehensive fuel system can be used with most fuel pump upgrades, including the Walbro 400 & 450 pumps. With adequate pump and fuel injectors, this fuel system is ideal for maximum efforts on a stock engine and beyond. Like our S1.E system, the S1.SE uses all new plumbing to feed fuel to the rails, and the factory feed pipe is repurposed as the return line.

    Our fuel rails retain the factory pulsation dampers to promote smoother fuel system pressure and cleaner part-throttle tuning and drivability characteristics.

    By eliminating the factory fuel rail inlet tube at the front of the engine (passenger side), the engine bay appearance is cleaned up a little bit. Our fuel rails are fed from the rear, so the lines are not visible.


    Regulator Type:
    • Fuelab 51502-1 as standard issue. For Aeromotive brand preference, choose black or red Aeromotive 13109.
    • No discernible difference in performance. The option exists only for price, brand, and color preference.
    Mini Pressure Gauge:
    • Small 1/8 NPT liquid-filled pressure gauge that can be installed to regulator.
    • When not installing an in-cabin fuel pressure gauge, you will need this to set and monitor fuel pressure.
    Fire Sleeve:
    • This quality insulation for -6 hoses is highly recommended for turbo and high-heat applications.
    • 3 feet will protect hoses in close proximity to the exhaust manifold. 6 feet will cover the entire area.
    Filter Type:
    • 10 micron cellulose filter element standard.
    • Optional 10 micron micro-glass filter element for E85.
    Fuel Pump Type: Let us know which fuel pump you intend to use so that we can send you the proper size PTFE fuel pump output hose with your fuel system. Default is 5/16" for the Walbro 255 and most other fuel pumps with a 5/16" output. 3/8" is for the Walbro 400 or 450 only.

    OEM Pulsation Dampers:
    • Select to either reuse your original FPDs and o-rings from your original rails, or add fresh replacement pieces to your order.

    Detailed Photos & Information:

    CJM Level 2 Fuel Pump & Return Modification Kit: A section of fuel pump support foam is included to aid your fuel pump installation. A PTFE hose connects the fuel pump output to the CJM -6 bulkhead fitting that is added to the fuel pump module lid, bypassing the factory internal filter. Another PTFE hose returns fuel via the original output bulkhead to the CJM regulator delete fitting assembly, keeping the factory venturi system fully functional.

    CJM External Filter Kit: An Aeromotive filter with a 10 micron filter is included, allowing the bypass (and optionally, removal) of the factory filter inside the fuel pump module. A no-drill stainless filter mount is included to secure the filter to the underbody using an existing cover bolt. The filter is secured to the bracket with heavy-duty Nylon cable ties (provided but not shown). The appropriate adapters are included to adapt the filter to the plumbing kit.

    CJM VQ37VHR FPD Fuel Rails & Crossover Hose: The CJM rails provide the means for -6AN plumbing to the rail bores while retaining the important fuel pulsation dampers. A stainless braided PTFE crossover hose joins the fuel rails together at the front of the engine. Stainless rail screws are included. Re-use your factory installed FPDs or replace with optional new replacements.

    Regulator Kit: Choose from Fuelab or Aeromotive billet fuel pressure regulators. The necessary adapter fittings are included to interface with the plumbing kit, as well as for installing an (optional) pressure gauge to the unused side port. To emulate the factory fuel system for use with your existing tune, set the fuel pressure to 52psi and do not connect a vacuum line to the regulator. Connect a vacuum/boost reference line for a 1:1 constant pressure ratio.

    CJM S1.SE Plumbing Kit:

    • -6 Fuel Pump Output to Filter Hose
    • -6 Filter to Passenger Rail Hose
    • -6 Rail Crossover Hose
    • -6 Driver Rail to Regulator Inlet Hose
    • -6 Regulator Output to OEM Hardpipe (Return) Hose
    • -6AN Adapter for OEM Hardpipe

    Additional Components (links)

    CJM Billet Fuel Pump Hat: Add the CJM Billet fuel pump hat to further improve your fuel pump module. Save money! When a billet hat and fuel system are installed simultaneously, no installation kit needs to be added.

    CJM Fuel Clip Support: Add the CJM Fuel Clip Support to keep the fuel lines snug to the vehicle. 1 or 2 is plenty and makes all the difference.

    Fuel Pump Upgrade: Add a Walbro 450 or Aeromotive 340 fuel pump to the order. A fuel pump strainer will be included for no extra charge, and no additional fuel pump installation components are required when installed with a CJM fuel system.

    Fuel Pump Relay Kit: Add the DW Relay Kit to provide adequate battery power for your upgraded fuel pump. Larger fuel pumps will draw more than the factory wiring is rated at, causing the wires to heat up (hot!) and increase resistance. 

    Fuel Injectors: Complete the package with a set of fuel injectors. We recommend 1000cc injectors for all boosted VHR applications under 700whp.