CJM S1 Fuel System, R35


CJ Motorsports has created a complete bolt-in solution for upgrading your VR38 rails to the CJM FPD rails, and installing an adjustable fuel pressure regulator with all necessary plumbing. The CJM S1 system for the R35 GT-R is built on our billet machined fuel rails with large 11/16" bore and on-board OEM Nissan pulsation dampers. A full -8AN smooth radius rail cross-over line is employed to ensure consistent and even fuel pressure behind each injector in the series. These rails will be ready to perform to any level of performance you seek.

As the name suggests, the CJM FPD rails use OEM Nissan Fuel Pulsation Dampers. Nissan put them there for a reason! Enhanced part throttle drive-ability is realized, improving the driving experience while smoothing out your fuel tables. The FPDs are secured to the CJM rails with precision, laser-cut, stainless steel clamps.

The supplied plumbing kit interfaces with the OEM quick-disconnect fittings at both the factory feed and return pipes.

A billet FueLab adjustable pressure regulator is included with a laser-cut stainless steel mount and hardware for a no-drill installation. No irreversible modifications to your GT-R are required for installation of this system.

The default ordering selection includes one additional damper you will require for installation and one will be re-used from your vehicle, or select to purchase an additional damper.

(Assembled Layout)

(-8AN Smooth Radius Cross-Over Hose)