CJM Turbo Manifolds, VQ37VHR


Currently Unavailable. Last production run has sold out. Currently there is no ETA for the next production run.

If you are interested in purchasing, contact us first to discuss possible timeline for construction. 

Compatibility and Fitment Information: LH water pipe requires extensive modification (cut & weld). Sheet metal near the brake booster (LHD vehicles) requires minor push-in (dent), in a location not generally noticeable from above, to clear the wastegate runner. As with most VQ turbo manifolds, some exhaust manifold studs may need to be shortened.

These manifolds were constructed on, and for, the 370z. They will bolt to earlier VQ engines, but Z33 chassis and steering shaft clearance clearance is currently un-tested.

Intended for turbos with Tial turbine housings. This typically means Garrett GT & GTX turbochargers. Xona Rotor turbos also use Tial turbine housings. Compressor covers up to T04E will fit. This means up to GT30 will fit. GT35 requires the T04S covers to be replaced with modified T04E covers (available from ATP Turbo). Xona Rotor compressor cover fitment information is not yet available.

Product Features:
  • 304ss Manifold Flanges, 1/2" thick.
  • 304ss Sch 10 Construction.
  • 1.25" Nominal Runners, 1.50" Nominal Wastegate Runner
  • Flanged for Tial Turbine Housings and Tial MV-S Wastegates