CJM Twin Pump, 350z/G35


Currently Unavailable!

This product is undergoing design updates to support even more power. The outgoing model is out of stock. We apologize for any inconveniences. Please keep an eye out for the upcoming model. Expected release is July.

The CJ Motorsports Twin Pump is the answer for 600-1000rwhp+ without compromise. The factory siphoning system and fuel level gauge are integrated into our replacement fuel pump module. Our siphon is not based on a restrictive jet-pump in the return line, meaning your fuel pressure will be fully adjustable at idle.

A Walbro 255 is used as the primary (full-time) fuel pump. The secondary fuel pump is offered in either 255 or 450.

This fuel pump module uses an OEM quality connector bulkhead with terminals that support 10-12 gauge wiring.

FAQ: Can I purchase this without the fuel pumps?

Answer: No, this product cannot be purchased without pumps.

FAQ: Can I use a 450 for both pumps?

Answer: No. This would defeat the siphon system, and will not physically fit.


  • Stainless mounting hardware
  • -6 Output Fittings and -6 Return Fitting
  • Return Fuel Diffuser to reduce aeration from high velocity return
  • Fuel safe electrical bulkhead with removable connectors
  • OEM Level Sensor Mount
  • Functional and trouble-free tank siphoning system
  • Includes everything needed for in-tank installation
  • OEM Style surge canister housing
  • Pre-assembled

Things you should know:

  1. Connectors and terminals that are needed to interface with our plug are included, however no relay kit is included.
  2. The Fuel Temperature Sensor is eliminated with this assembly. You will need to wire in a 2.4k ohm resistor to the temp sensor circuit to prevent a trouble code from activating the SES light, or disable the code with an ECU reflash.
  3. The pumps have pickup socks, but there is no room for an integrated filter in our twin pump assembly. An external filter installation will be required.
  4. No plumbing is included. Your vehicle will need at least a -6 return line to support the flow. It is recommended to run a -8an feed line.
  5. When staging the pumps, you MUST use the pump closer to the siphon barb as the full time primary pump.
  6. 255/450 combo REQUIRES pump staging. This means using a programmable output from a standalone EMS, or a Hobb's Pressure Switch.