Fore Twin Pump, S550


The excellent Fore S550 Twin Fuel Pump, when purchased from CJ Motorsports, is appropriately pre-configured and pre-wired to make your purchase and installation easier. CJM is the first to offer this unit with an OEM fuel pump connector already crimped to the wiring. When you have completed your fuel system build, you can simply plug in your vehicles original, unmodified, fuel pump harness connector. Without having to perform any wiring at all, your Mustang will be up and running on the primary fuel pump and the fuel level sensor will be functional. Another connector is added to the auxiliary pump wiring, and a pigtail connector kit is included to make wiring your second fuel pump a breeze.

CJM sells this unit configured with twin Walbro 450s (p/n 274), 8AN outlet, and 6AN return. In most cases, this will support in excess of 1000rwhp, even with E85. The fuel pumps are pre-wired on the inside from Fore Innovations. The level sensor wires on the inside have butt-splice connectors waiting to receive your original level sensor wires.

Compatibility and Fitment Information: This product requires adding a fuel return system, an inline fuel filter, and a fuel pressure regulator to your vehicle. Your original fuel level sensor must be re-used and moved over to this product. This will require cutting the level sensor wires inside your original fuel pump module.

Product Features:
  • Anodized billet aluminum housing.
  • Twin 450lph Walbro fuel pumps, E85 compatible.
  • PnP with factory in-tank siphon system.
  • Includes fuel pump strainers.
  • 8AN outlet with 6AN return.


CJM Pre-Wired: Default option. CJM will add the factory type fuel pump connector to the primary fuel pump and level sensor wires on top of the Fore fuel pump. CJM will also add another connector for the aux pump, and include a pig-tail for the aux pump connector.

Feed as Return Adapter: Add a CJM adapter fitting that allows you to connect the original fuel feed line to the Fore return fitting. The factory fuel feed pipe on the S550 Mustang is 3/8", equivalent to a 6AN hose inside diameter. There is no need to tear this pipe out, simply re-purpose it as your return line!