The EVC6-IR, released mid-2014, is an updated and improved version of HKS' top-of-the-line EVC6. These boost controllers are extremely consistent, accurate, and reliable.

As our testimony to the reliability of the HKS EVC boost controllers: We used the previous EVC5 in our 350z from 2003-2011 when we then moved it to our 370z. Still functioning as good as new, it was sold in 2014 only to upgrade to the EVC6 for its added feature of boost-by-speed (speed compensation table).

These controllers are repeatable within 0.1-0.2psi, making them ideal for boost-sensitive vehicles, such our 370z, where every psi of boost is generating lots of power.

Aside from the boost-by-speed addition, the EVC6 is adjusted by dialing in your target boost pressure, rather than a a duty cycle like the EVC5. On the EVC5, you had to go up a couple percent at a time until the boost was achieving your target. With the EVC6, you simply tell it how many PSI you wish for.

For those who tune their vehicles with a laptop, HKS has an optional USB cable with PC software interface for this boost controller. The software makes a very easy and clear task of configuring the boost controller.

Some excellent features of the EVC6-IR:

  • You can flip the screen image upside down if your installation prefers the buttons on either side.
  • There are 3 boost setting modes, each with their own compensation tables (speed, rpm, and throttle axis available)
  • Live boost gauge and peak-hold. No separate boost gauge needed.
  • Throttle % or Engine RPM displayed, and vehicle speed displayed, on screen with boost read-outs.
  • Password Protection for your settings if you choose to use it. All settings are stored even without battery power.
  • Audible and visible Over-Boost warning if you choose to use it. It will attempt to lower boost if limit is reached.
  • Reads out in PSI! (or kPa)

Known changes from EVC6 to EVC6-IR:

  • Display colors changed to mostly white and red. The higher contrast should be easier to read at a glance.
  • Compensation table resolution upgraded from 5x5 to 10x10.