CJM Twin Pump, FD RX7

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The CJ Motorsports fuel pump hanger for the 93-95 RX7 is constructed from a billet aluminum flange with 3x -6AN bulkhead ports and pump holder brackets consisting of aluminum, stainless, and polyethylene. Bulkhead fittings are included, and there is an optional plug for using this mount with a single pump. A stainless steel mount for your original fuel level sensor is also provided in this assembly.

NOTE: This product is intended for fuel pumps of about 39mm diameter. This includes in-tank Walbro pumps, Aeromotive Stealth pumps, and some pumps from AEM and DW. We no longer support Bosch 044 pumps, or Denso pumps.

We have integrated our 6-position 10-14 gauge electrical bulkhead (and connectors) to safely and professionally provide power and ground for your pumps and factory fuel level sensor. There are also 2 fuel pump ground studs that can be used for projects that need to leave connector positions available for an additional sensor (such as the OEM low fuel switch).

The pumps are held by polyethylene brackets with internal Viton o-rings. These soft materials can help reduce noise.

Basic kits include the flange with connectors and crimp-on terminals, bulkhead fittings, pump holders, OEM level sensor mount, and stainless fasteners to secure the hanger to the fuel tank. The flange will re-use the factory Mazda fuel tank gasket.

(Shown with optional Aeromotive 340 twin pumps & twin 5/16" Installation Kit)

Our installation kits provide convoluted PTFE hoses, hose ends, clamps, and fuel pump strainers that you will need to install your fuel pumps to the hanger. Installation kits also provide a return hose to guide the return fuel into the factory baffle area.

Product Features:
  • Includes stainless hardware for mounting to fuel tank.
  • Reuses original Mazda fuel tank gasket.
  • 3x -6 bulkhead ports. Bulkhead fittings included.
  • Fuel safe electrical bulkhead with internal and external disconnects that support 14-10AWG wiring.
  • Includes 15 crimp terminals (6 internal, 6 external, 3 spares).
  • Mount for OEM level sensor.


Pump Installation Kit:
  • Select 5/16" installation kits for Walbro 255, Aeromotive 340, AEM 320, and similar pumps with 5/16" hose barb connections. Choose 1 for single pump use, or 2 for twin pumps.
  • Select 3/8" installation kits for Walbro 450 and similar pumps with 3/8" hose barb connections. Choose 1 for single pump use, or 2 for twin pumps.
Fuel Pumps & Pigtails: We stock Aeromotive and Walbro 450 pumps. Select to add one or two of them if you do not already have your pumps.

Plug for Single Pump: If you intend to use this product for just a single pump, we recommend adding this plug to block off the unused bulkhead port in the tank flange.

Detailed Photos & Information:

(Shown with optional Aeromotive 340 twin pumps & twin 5/16" Installation Kit)

(Optional Twin Pump Installation Kit)

(Optional Single Pump Installation Kit)

(Optional Plug Installed to Middle Port)