Billet Fuel Pump Hat, 370z

$274.95 $249.95

The CJ Motorsports billet fuel pump hat is a rigid upgrade for the factory 370z fuel pump module. Made from thin plastic, the factory hat is a common failure point. Our hat is machined from aluminum (6061-T6) for superior durability and reliability. The OEM stainless posts, once removed from the original hat, are secured to the billet hat with stainless wedge set screws that capture a barb on the tip of the post to ensure they will never pull out.

The included CJM 6-position electrical bulkhead kit features internal and external disconnects and supports up to 12AWG wiring. 14 crimp terminals are supplied (6 for pump wires, 8 for sensor swires). Our connector is rated to 40A, so no more melted fuel pump connectors when using high output fuel pumps. New stainless hardware to secure the hat to the fuel tank is supplied.

There are 3 6AN ORB bulkhead ports for plumbing your fuel line connections. The installation kit includes a swivel bulkhead with QD adapter for a PnP fuel pump hose connection, and 2 plugs for the unused ports. A new PTFE hose with clamps is supplied to connect the in-tank fuel filter outlet to the bottom of the bulkhead.

Technical Notes:

  • This product is a standalone upgrade, and can be integrated to any fuel system configuration.
  • No additional purchases are required to add this product to a stock fuel system.
  • Installer must be comfortable with wiring and crimping terminals to assemble connectors.

Installing with a return fuel system? You WILL need the optional Return Fuel Bulkhead.


Return Fuel Bulkhead: If you have a return fuel system, you will need this option. The latest CJM Top Hats have threaded -6 ORB Ports, and the standard package only includes one compatible swivel bulkhead fitting. You will use that one for the return fuel, and you will need to add an additional swivel bulkhead for the fuel pump output line. The option size is describing the size of the hose barb on the bottom of the bulkhead. You need to choose the one that matches your fuel pump so that it fits with your existing in-tank fuel pump hose. Most 255-340lph pumps have a 5/16" barb. Walbro 400, 450, and 520 Hellcat pumps have a 3/8" barb.

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