Active Baffle Oil Pan, HR/VHR

The billet aluminum CJM Active Baffle Oil Pan for the (07-08) 350z & (09+) 370z was constructed to improve on the lubrication system of your VQ engine.
Integrated within the pan is a separated sump area surrounding the oil pump pickup. Active 1-way trap doors allow engine oil to easily enter the sump area yet greatly slow its departure during high lateral-G maneuvers. Vertical longitudinal baffles guide oil returning from the rear of the upper pan into the sump area.

Improvements to oil control will contribute to longer engine bearing and oil pump life by reducing the tendency for oil pickup starvation during aggressive driving sessions.

Oil capacity is increased over the original pan roughly 0.5 quarts by increasing the sump depth (the most effective way to increase capacity while adding additional fluid control and starvation protection). Overall depth was intentionally left above the front suspension cross-member to keep the oil pan within the factory lower engine shroud and out of harm's way from road debris. The additional oil capacity will contribute to stabilizing oil temperatures and increase oil quality life between changes. To take advantage of the extra depth, an oil pump pickup spacer and extended hardware is included with each pan.

Additional surface area is added to the lower side of the pan to aid in air-cooling via a heat-sink effect.

The drain plug location was moved to the rear bottom of the pan to improve oil draining when the front of the vehicle is lifted on jack-stands. A low-profile drain plug is included (-8AN o-ring) with 3 reusable o-rings.

Each CJM billet oil pan includes -10AN port fittings on the left and right sides for turbo oil drains. The pan can be ordered with plugs or -10AN fittings for these ports.

Stainless steel cap screws and washers are included to secure the oil pan to your engine.