CJM Twin Pump, FD RX7

The all-new CJ Motorsports twin fuel pump now has a built-in fuel manifold for a convenient single output. It features an 8AN O-Ring output port and includes the 8AN male adapter fitting. The return port is 6AN O-Ring and also includes the male adapter fitting. Optionally, we have adapters for connecting your factory fuel lines.

A rigid stainless steel bracket conjoins the billet aluminum top hat and fuel pump holder and features a mounting point for the original fuel level sensor assembly.

Our fuel pump holder is intended to fit most popular 39mm in-tank pumps. Most AEM, most Aeromotive, some Deatschwerks, and all popular Walbro pumps are compatible. 

(Shown with options. OEM fuel level sensor not included.)

Wiring is handled with our 40a 6-way bulkhead connector kit. Two sizes of crimp terminals are supplied; 12-14AWG for pump wiring, and 18-20AWG for sensor wiring. There is also a single ground post screw and ring terminals.

Basic kits include:
  • Tank flange "top hat" with stainless mounting hardware.
  • AN adapters for feed and return line connections.
  • Sealed connector kit with bulkhead, connectors, crimp terminals, ground post, and ring terminals.
  • Hose barb fitting set for the underside of the flange. Set includes both 5/16" and 3/8" fittings.
  • Stainless bracket and billet aluminum fuel pump holder.
To complete a drop-in assembly, you will need: pumps, pump connector pigtails, pump strainers, submersible hoses, and your original fuel level sensor.


PTFE Hose Kit: Add PTFE submersible hoses to your kit. Hoses include a smooth-edge screw clamp for the pump connection, and an Oetiker stepless ear clamp (pinch-style) for the top-side connection. Each kit also includes a 3/8" return extension hose with pinch-style clamp and a cable tie.
    • 3/8": Walbro 400 and 450 series pumps have a 3/8" (10mm) output. 
    • 5/16": Most other popular in-tank pumps have a 5/16" (8mm) output. Including Walbro 255, and Aeromotive 340.
    • 5/16" & 3/8": This option will allow you to install a mismatched combo, such as one Aeromotive and one Walbro 450.
Pump Strainers: Optionally add new fuel pump strainers for the bottom of your pump(s).

Fuel Pumps & Pigtails: Here you can optionally include fuel pumps. Included fuel pumps will be pre-installed to the fuel pump holder of your twin pump. Fuel pumps will include wiring pigtails for connecting the fuel pump harness to the CJM fuel pump connector.

Factory Fuel Line Adapters: This option includes a set of hose barb fittings that will adapt your factory fuel lines to the top of the twin pump. This convenience option allows you to install the twin pump as a standalone project, without having to already have or build custom AN plumbing as part of the installation.

Additional Components:

Fuel System: CJ Motorsports has a complete under-hood fuel system upgrade for the FD RX7.

Fuel Pump Relay Kit: High performance fuel pumps put a greater load on the wiring, and the small factory wires can not only get very hot to the touch, but they can prevent your new pumps from performing at their best. Install a relay kit for each pump to upgrade the fuel pump wiring.

Fuel Injectors: Complete the package with a set of fuel injectors.

Compatibility and Installation Notes:

This product supports most all common fuel pumps of ~39mm outside diameter. It does not support Bosch 044 or "Supra" Denso pumps.

Factory fuel pump wiring connector is removed and upgraded with a provided one.

Wiring and crimping experience and related wiring tools are necessary for installation.

It is highly recommend to stage the fuel pumps. This means that only one fuel pump is running full time. The second fuel pump should be activated when the engine begins making boost.

Factory fuel tank gasket is reused. Factory fuel level sensor is reused. Factory fuel pump access panel fits without modification.

Output port is 8AN O-Ring. Return port is 6AN O-Ring.

A plug is included for single pump use. This plug can be installed to the unused fuel pump manifold inlet.