CJM Secondary Rail, 13B-REW with Y-Block


This version of our billet aluminum top-feed secondary rail for the FD RX7 (13B-REW) integrates a Y-Block at the rear of the rail. This block is ideal for parallel plumbing your primary rail or adapting a sensor. The rail is machined from 6061-T6 and accepts an -8 o-ring fitting at the rear (inlet) and a -6 o-ring fitting at the front and Y-Block (outlet). Stainless mounting screws and aluminum stands are included with each rail. Include the optional o-ring fittings (with Viton o-rings) and the lower injector bung adapters to complete the secondary rail package. This fuel rail is intended for fuel injectors with 48mm body length and 14mm outside diameter o-rings.

(4 Port vs. FPD Option, with optional fittings and bung adapters)

Select your secondary rail with 2 fuel injector ports for use with the factory 13B-REW lower intake manifold, or 4 injector ports for an aftermarket LIM. Our 2-port secondary is also available with an integrated fuel pulsation damper. The FPD upgrade is an OEM-style option that reduces fuel pressure oscillation and noise, flattening out the fuel tables during tuning and smoothing part-throttle engine behavior. There is also an FPD-Ready option for a secondary rail that is FPD compatible however includes a plug for the FPD port.

Compatibility and Fitment Information: This rail was designed for use with 48mm EV14 based injectors and 14mm o-rings. This is one of the most common and typical injector specifications currently available. Please contact us if you need help selecting injectors. This rail is NOT compatible with the original fuel injectors.

These rails are NOT compatible with the factory fuel lines.

Product Features:
  • Anodized 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum
  • Made in USA
  • Stainless and Aluminum Hardware
  • 1/2" Bore
  • Integrated Y-Block
  • -8 O-Ring Rear Port, -6 O-Ring Front and Y-Block Port


Rail Type:
  • 2-Port: A basic rail for 2 secondary injectors, compatible with all known intake manifolds.
  • 2-Port FPD-Ready: This rail has the FPD port, but includes a plug instead of the FPD.
  • 2-Port with FPD: Includes the Fuel Pulsation Damper
  • 4-Port: For use only with aftermarket intake manifolds with additional secondary injector bungs.
Bottom Injector Adapters:
  • The original fuel injector bungs are too large for aftermarket fuel injectors. These bung adapters reduce the diameter of the bottom injector port to a suitable diameter for 14mm o-ring injectors. Our fuel rail height is set assuming these adapters are used.
  • Select 2x for use with 2-Port Rails, or select 4x for use with the 4-Port Rail.
6AN / 8AN O-Ring Fittings:
  • Include a set of our high quality black aluminum o-ring port adapters for connecting your custom fuel lines. Viton o-rings are supplied with the fittings.
  • Choose between a 6AN inlet and outlet, or an 8AN inlet and 6AN outlets.

Detailed Photos & Information:

(4 Port vs FPD Option, with optional fittings and bung adapters)

(4 Port vs FPD Option, with optional fittings and bung adapters)

(FPD vs. FPD-Ready, demonstrated on Non-Y-Block Rail)