CJM VHR/VR38 MAP Sensor Flange Adapter


This billet adapter attaches to the intake manifold in place of the factory MAP sensor. It features a female 1/8 NPT port and includes an aluminum -4 adapter. A brown Viton o-ring is preinstalled. A rainbowed titanium cap screw is included to secure the adapter to the intake manifold.

Installation of this adapter kit provides a simple means to connect a vacuum line to the MAP sensor flange on the intake manifold of a VHR or VR38 engine. One purpose of doing so, may be to install a durable and high precision remote mounted motorsports grade MAP sensor. The adapter may also be useful when an intake manifold conversion has been done, such as a VHR or VR38 adaptation to the HR. (Since the HR does not utilize a MAP sensor, this adapter allows for repurposing the MAP port for other vacuum referenced accessories.)

Shown with optional 4AN vacuum hose.


We have a couple optional related components that you may find useful for a remote MAP sensor adaptation.

Sensor Adapter Harness: 17" harness that adapts to an AEM or MoTeC MAP sensor.

4AN Vacuum Hose: PTFE with SS Braid 4AN Hose, 90 to Straight, 9.5" Length.

MAP Sensor: AEM MAP Sensors have a male 1/8 NPT thread on the sensor body and include a 4AN adapter compatible with our optional hose. MoTeC sensors are also available by request (contact us via email). It is recommended to mount the sensors with isolation from engine vibration and heat, such as to a wire harness or to the chassis with a cushion clamp (1" diameter). MAP sensor pressure rating is absolute; subtract atmospheric pressure for total boost capacity.

Technical Notes:

  • Thread sealant (not included) should be added to the 1/8 NPT threads at time of installation.
  • Rainbowed titanium cap screw may show any color of the rainbow on top, no particular color is promised to appear most prominently. A stainless steel screw is available by request.
  • Consult your tuner before installation of a non-original MAP sensor. Rescaling of the MAP sensor table is required before starting the engine.

Optional Sensor Harness