Flex Adapter Set

This adapter set is ideal for adding a flex fuel sensor to a 370z equipped with a CJM Billet Top Hat. The set includes a 180 degree 6AN union and a QD to 6AN adapter for your sensor.

The goal of this fitting pair is to put the flex sensor QD barb in close proximity to where the original fuel pump output barb was. This allows you to plug the original fuel feed line into the sensor for a simple integration.

This is an easy addition to the CJM Billet Top Hat for returnless/stock fuel systems. You will simply rotate your fuel pump output barb 180 degrees, then add the sensor and adapter kit, and connect the original fuel line into the opposite end of the sensor.

For use with a CJM return fuel system, the same strategy can be employed to install the sensor into the factory fuel feed line (re-purposed as the return line). If you would prefer to use it on the feed side, you will need an additional (optional) QD to 6AN adapter.

Can this be used with the original fuel pump hat?
Yes, but it will require carefully massaging the fuel feed line to approach the top hat from the opposite side.

Example Installation. Sensor and top hat not included.