FXFB Riser Extension Kit

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12/19/2022 : A new production run is about to begin! We will be fully stocked in all sizes late January. Updates will be posted here as they come! A Pre-Order will open up once machining is completed and the parts are only waiting for powdercoating.

This spacer block kit is for lifting the factory handle bar risers on a 2018+ Softail FXFB Fat Bob. This will raise the handle bar and bring it closer to the rider for a more upright riding position. The kit includes a pair of 6061-T6 billet machined aluminum riser blocks and Grade 8 fasteners.

With a set of short machined-in vertical stanchions, the blocks are designed to create an interference fit with detents on the bottom the factory risers. The bottom of the blocks include detents for installing the original rubber bumpers that were originally installed to the factory risers.

2.5 and 3.0 sizes are available in 2 styles, Style 2 (left) and Style 1 (right). Shorter sizes are all Style 1.

Sizes Shown: 1.25" (discontinued), 2.00", 3.00"

Technical Notes:

  • For some installations, extended brake and clutch lines will be required.
  • On ABS bikes, we have found that 1.75" is the most that we are comfortable with extending on the stock lines.
  • Some users are installing up to 3" extensions on the stock lines, which is not recommended. This will defeat most of the intended slack, and the lines should be frequently inspected for damage or wear.
  • It is reported that NON-ABS bikes have shorter factory lines than ABS bikes. We cannot confirm this as we have not performed an installation on a NON-ABS bike yet.
  • The installer and the rider are responsible for ensuring the safety of the bike after installation and for performing pre-ride inspections.