PTFE Tube, Submersible


CJM now offers convoluted PTFE fuel tubing for in-tank (submersed) use. PTFE tubing is more reliable in submersed applications than submersible-rated soft hose, and the convoluted type allows a conveniently tighter bend radius.

PTFE is ideal for all popular fuel blends, including E85. 

Our PTFE hoses are manufactured by an OEM supplier specifically for fuel injected in-tank applications.

We offer 2 different end diameters, 5/16 & 3/8, to match your fuel pump. We also offer optional -6 hose ends.

Note: Warm the tube collar to soften it before installation. You can use a heat gun, hair dryer, or even hot water. Take care not to melt the collar. Start warm, and increase temperature as required.

NOTE: These PTFE Hoses are NON-RETURNABLE unless in original sealed bag.

(Optional Hose Ends, From Top To Bottom: 6AN Female, 6AN O-Ring, 6AN Male)


Include Clamps: Clamps are included by default, but can be removed when only a replacement PTFE hose is needed. CJM PTFE hose ends are designed to be used with a clamp. The clamps feature soft edges to prevent hose collar damage.

Size & Length:
  • Select 5/16" for Walbro 255, Aeromotive 340, AEM 320, and similar pumps.
  • Select 3/8" for Walbro 450
  • Length measurement is from end to end, including the collars, but not including optional -6 hose ends.
Attachment: Add optional -6 hose ends to either end of the tube, or leave the ends open to slide over a hose barb.

Detailed Photos & Information:

(Demonstration 5/16" tube installed to an Aeromotive 340)