Return Fuel Pump Kit, 370z


The CJM Return Fuel Pump Kit is a comprehensive fuel pump housing hardware package intended for building a custom return fuel system. Offering components out of our own complete return fuel kits, this package provides the basics you need to convert the original fuel pump assembly for a return style fuel system.

What will bring most people to this product, is the CJM regulator delete assembly. This is used to eliminate the original fuel pressure regulator, seal off its associated passages, and provide a connection for the return-side venturi jets that are necessary for a properly functioning fuel system.

These kits are intended for using the original fuel delivery pipe as the return line. A PTFE hose is provided for connecting the original fuel feed bulkhead to the regulator delete assembly. However, we have various QD adapters available to increase your plumbing options (see notes below). Fuel pump installation hardware is included; fuel pump strainer, fuel pump support sleeve, PTFE fuel pump output hose, and a fuel pump output bulkhead.

Technical Notes:

  • Larger pumps such as the Walbro 450/520 do not fit into the fuel filter housing, so it must be cut open and removed. This requires you to add an inline filter underneath the car or in the engine bay. This is somewhat preferred anyway, because the stock fuel filter is not ideal for use with E85 blends.
  • If the pump you install does not require removing the filter from the pump assembly, you can either, A: connect the pump output hose to the filter input and reuse the filter, or B: you can connect the pump output hose straight to the output bulkhead on the top hat, bypassing the filter. If you reuse the filter, you will need an additional PTFE hose. Use our SKU 400.2019 hose to connect the fuel pump output to the filter inlet, then use the PTFE hose from the return fuel pump kit to connect the filter outlet to the bulkhead on the top hat.
  • When using with the stock plastic hat: The included 6AN bulkhead is intended for the fuel pump output, and the original plastic QD bulkhead is repurposed for return fuel. You can use our adapter SKU 320.0087 to adapt the engine bay end of the fuel pipe to 6AN. If you would rather connect the original fuel pipe to the provided 6AN bulkhead, use our adapter SKU 000.4030, and you could use our adapter SKU 320.0086 to connect a 6AN return hose to the stock plastic QD bulkhead.
  • When using with CJM Billet Hat: This kit combined with the billet hat kit will provide a 6AN bulkhead for both feed and return, plus a QD adapter (from the billet hat kit) that can be used to connect the stock fuel pipe to either. You can use our adapter SKU 320.0087 to adapt the engine bay end of the fuel pipe to 6AN when reusing the original pipe for feed or return.
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Hardware Kit Version: This selection will determine which style fuel pump output bulkhead the kit includes, and which size fuel pump hose will be included. The stock plastic hat needs a flat panel bulkhead with seal washers and a nut. A CJM Billet Hat will use our 6AN Swivel Bulkheads. NOTE: If you have a very old CJM top hat that uses bulkhead nuts and crush washers, choose from the "stock hat" options. You also need to choose the kit that matches your fuel pump barb size. Most 255-340lph pumps have a 5/16" barb. Walbro 400, 450, and 520 Hellcat pumps have a 3/8" barb.