S0 Fuel System, R35

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The CJM S0 system for the R35 GT-R is a simple, quality, cost effective means of adding an adjustable fuel pressure regulator to the factory fuel system and rails. The supplied return hose interfaces with the OEM quick-disconnect fitting at the end of the factory return pipe.

A billet FueLab adjustable pressure regulator is included with a laser-cut stainless steel mount and hardware for a no-drill installation. No irreversible modifications to your GT-R are required for installation of this system.


Mini Pressure Gauge: You will need a fuel pressure gauge to set the adjustable regulator. If you are not installing an in-cabin gauge, we recommend adding this 1/8 NPT liquid-filled pressure gauge that can be installed to the regulator gauge port.

Fire Sleeve: This quality insulation for -6 hoses recommended for insulating the fuel lines.
  • 3 feet is sufficient for adding protection to the fuel lines in this kit.
  • 6 feet can provide coverage for other plumbing on your vehicle.


6AN Adapter, 2-Bolt: <LINK>

R35 S0 Plumbing Kit:
  • 6AN PTFE Hose, Black Coated SS Braid, 6AN Adapter at Rail to Regulator Inlet.
  • 6AN PTFE Hose, Black Coated SS Braid, Regulator Outlet to Return Pipe QD Adapter.
  • 6AN QD Pipe Adapter.
Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit:
  • Adjustable with 1:1 Vacuum Port.
  • Aluminum 6AN Port Fittings and Plug.
  • SS Firewall Mounting Hardware included.

Additional Components:

Fuel Injectors: Complete the package with a set of fuel injectors.

Additional Photos:

Optional Pressure Gauge.