S0 Fuel System, VQ35DE


The CJM S0 system includes all the essentials for converting your DE 350z or G35 fuel system to a return style configuration along with an adjustable pressure regulator. A return fuel system with manifold pressure reference is critical for maximizing the effectiveness of your fuel pump and injectors while also contributing to a safer and more reliable tune. This fuel system retains your factory pulsation dampers, smoothing out your fuel tables and tremendously reducing part throttle stuttering.

The factory 5/16" feed plumbing is untouched and the factory rails are left in place. The S0 system sources return fuel using our CJM 6AN Fuel Tap between the rear pulsation damper and driver side rail. A -6AN hose leads fuel to the inlet of the adjustable regulator. Another -6AN hose returns back to the fuel pump housing.

Each external hose in the system is constructed of PTFE with a stainless braid and crimped hose end fittings. The return line to the fuel tank has a black PVC coating to protect your vehicle and wiring harness from any raw SS braid abrasion.

This system utilizes a "return correction", which is a vital modification kit for the fuel pump assembly that properly converts it to return-style while still retaining the factory in-tank venturi system. Without this modification the fuel pump would be unable to recover fuel from the left-hand side of the tank.


Vehicle: Choose your platform.
  • G35s require a longer return hose than 350z.
  • Sedans require a different return correction kit.
Mini Pressure Gauge: You will need a fuel pressure gauge to set the adjustable regulator. If you are not installing an in-cabin gauge, we recommend adding this 1/8 NPT liquid-filled pressure gauge that can be installed to the regulator gauge port.

Fire Sleeve: This quality insulation for -6 hoses is highly recommended for turbo and high-heat applications.
  • 3 feet is sufficient to protect the return line from from the regulator until it leaves the engine bay.
  • 6 feet will provide additional coverage or can be used for other plumbing or wiring harnesses.


CJM Fuel Tap, 6AN: Billet Aluminum with 6AN adapter fitting. Viton O-Rings. SS Screws & Washers.

Z33 S0 Plumbing Kit:
  • 6AN PTFE Hose, Exposed SS Braid, Fuel Tap to Regulator.
  • 6AN PTFE Hose, Black Coated SS Braid, Regulator to Fuel Tank.
Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit:
  • Adjustable with 1:1 Vacuum Port.
  • Aluminum 6AN Port Fittings and Plug.
  • SS Firewall Mounting Hardware included.
CJM Return Correction Kit: <LINK>

Additional Components:

Fuel Pump Relay Kit: High performance fuel pumps put a greater load on the wiring, and the small factory wires can not only get very hot to the touch, but they can prevent your new pumps from performing at their best. Install a relay kit for each pump to upgrade the fuel pump wiring.

Fuel Injectors: Complete the package with a set of fuel injectors. We recommend 1050cc injectors for all boosted VHR applications under 700whp.

Additional Photos:

Optional Pressure Gauge.