S1.SE Fuel System, 370z

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The S1.SE system completes the package by adding our billet fuel rails to the S1.E system along with the associated plumbing changes. With this addition, 100% of the fuel supply plumbing has been upgraded with high performance hardware. By eliminating the factory fuel rail inlet tube at the front of the engine (passenger side), the engine bay clutter is cleaned up a bit. These fuel rails are fed from the rear, so the lines are not in sight after installation.

Shown with options.

Fuel flow improvements begin directly within the fuel pump module. Entirely bypassing the integrated fuel filter housing, fuel is pumped directly out the top hat of the fuel pump module through a PTFE hose and -6AN bulkhead fitting. Returning fuel is brought in through the original output port and plumbed into the venturi jet-pump system by replacing the original in-tank pressure regulator with our billet regulator delete assembly.

As the internal filter housing has been bypassed, its internal filter can optionally be deleted to make room for the Walbro 450 or 520 fuel pumps, and/or increase surge protection volume inside the fuel pump module.

The S1.SE plumbing kit is constructed from stainless braided, black PVC coated, PTFE hose with crimped aluminum hose ends. An Aeromotive inline filter and a CJM "no-drill" filter mount is included standard. Hoses in the engine bay are secured to the firewall with included cushion clamps. A billet aluminum fitting is also included to adapt the regulator output hose to the original fuel feed pipe, re-purposing it as the return line.


Vehicle, Pump Type, Filter Media:
  • Select your vehicle type, describe what size hose barb your fuel pump has, and choose your filter media.
  • 8mm (5/16"): Stock, Aeromotive 340, AEM 340, DW200/300, Walbro 255
  • 10mm (3/8"): Walbro 400/450/520
  • Cellulose: Gasoline Compatible (10 micron)
  • Microglass: Gasoline & E85 Compatible (10 micron)
Mini Pressure Gauge: You will need a fuel pressure gauge to set the adjustable regulator. If you are not installing an in-cabin gauge, we recommend adding this 1/8 NPT liquid-filled pressure gauge that can be installed to the regulator gauge port.

Fire Sleeve: This quality insulation for -6 hoses is highly recommended for turbo and high-heat applications.
  • 3 feet is sufficient to add some protection to hoses just in close proximity to the exhaust manifold.
  • 6 feet will provide additional coverage or can be used for other plumbing or wiring harnesses.

Pulsation Dampers: Your original pulsation dampers and o-rings can be re-used, or you can replace them with fresh ones.


FPD Fuel Rail Kit, VQ37VHR: <LINK>

Z34 Inline Fuel Filter Kit:
  • Billet Aluminum Inline Filter, 10 Micron, 8AN.
  • 6AN Reducers.
  • Mounting Hardware.
Z34 S1.SE Plumbing Kit:
  • 6AN PTFE Hose, Black Coated SS Braid, Fuel Pump Hat Output to Filter Inlet.
  • 6AN PTFE Hose, Black Coated SS Braid, Filter Outlet to RH Fuel Rail (rear).
  • 6AN PTFE Hose, Exposed SS Braid, Rail Crossover, Front.
  • 6AN PTFE Hose, Black Coated SS Braid, LH Fuel Rail (rear) to Regulator Inlet.
  • 6AN PTFE Hose, Black Coated SS Braid, Regulator Outlet to Stock Feed Pipe (QD). With Cushion Clamp.
  • 6AN QD Pipe Adapter.
  • 10 Heavy Duty Nylon Cable Ties.
Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit:
  • Adjustable with 1:1 Vacuum Port.
  • Aluminum 6AN Port Fittings and Plug.
  • SS Firewall Mounting Hardware included.
Z34 Return Fuel Pump Kit:
  • PTFE Fuel Pump Output with 6AN Bulkhead.
  • PTFE Return Hose and Regulator Delete Assembly.

Additional Components:

Billet Fuel Pump Hat: Follow the link to learn more about this highly recommended upgrade.

Fuel Pump Upgrade: There is no better time to install a fuel pump upgrade! Be sure to opt for the new strainer, pigtail, and relay kit.

Fuel Injectors: Complete the package with a set of fuel injectors. We recommend 1050cc injectors for all boosted VHR applications under 700whp.

Technical Notes:

  • To emulate the factory fuel system for use with your existing tune, set the fuel pressure to 52psi and do not connect a vacuum line to the regulator.
  • Connect a vacuum/boost reference line to the regulator for a 1:1 constant pressure ratio. Consult your tuner.

Additional Photos:

The CJM rails provide the means for AN plumbing to the rail bores while retaining the important fuel pulse dampers. A stainless braided PTFE crossover hose joins the fuel rails together at the front of the engine. Stainless rail screws are included.

An Aeromotive filter with 10 micron element is included, allowing the bypass (and optional removal) of the factory filter inside the fuel pump module. A "no-drill" stainless filter mount is included to secure the filter to the underbody using an existing underbody cover bolt. The filter is secured to the bracket with heavy-duty Nylon cable ties (provided but not shown). The appropriate adapters are included to adapt the filter to the plumbing kit.