Walbro 450 / E85


Update: We are now stocking & shipping the new higher pressure 450 pump. Part Number F90000274.

These have the same diameter as the Walbro GSS line, but the lower portion is 1.98-2.00" diameter.

This pump is generally well suited to provide for a set of (6) 1000cc - 1200cc injectors in most applications.

There is a unique connector attached to the wires, and we stock an optional pigtail harness which plugs in here and includes an additional 6" of wires. For many installations we cut off the connector and extend the wires to save space.

Add our optional DeatschWerks wiring kit if you are still running your factory fuel pump wiring. The power cable is 12ga and 15' long. It includes a 25-amp inline fuse and a 40amp relay and socket.

Product Features:
  • Gasoline & E85 Compatibility
  • Offset outlet that is *almost* inline with the inlet


DeatschWerks Wiring Kit:
  • 15' 12-AWG Wires
  • Relay & Inline Fuse Included
Pump Strainer:
  • We offer an optional centered pump strainer that we find to be a good fit for most applications. We specifically use these with 350z and 370z installations.
  • To make use of the connector pre-installed to every Walbro 450, these pigtails are required. The other option is to cut the connector off, but the wires on the pump are pretty short as is, so extending might be required without the pigtail.

Detailed Photos & Information:

(Optional Pig-Tail and Pump Strainer)

(Optional DW Wiring Kit)